International Relations Office, Department of Preschool Teachers Studies Krusevac

International Relations Office (IRO) comprises three staff members: ECTS coordinator (ECTSC), IRO officer and IRO associate.

The IRO officer and associate manage international projects in general. They keep up-to-date with both national and international educational strategies and policies, inform the staff and management of project opportunities and important deadlines, assist in applying for projects, translate necessary documents, offer advice to students regarding international cooperation and cooperate with ECTSC in activities foreseen by various College internationalization policies.

ECTSC manages mobility activities. He is at one´s disposal at every step concerning mobility, from application to departure. ECTSC is a contact person for outgoing and incoming staff/students. He keeps up-to-date with mobility Policy, introduces students to the mobility procedure and the necessary requirements, and assists students/staff in the process of mobility realization. He makes sure that all preconditions are met and all agreements signed prior to mobility realization. He is obliged to prepare info-packages for the College study programmes, to provide information about integration and affirmation of the visiting students, and to provide Transcript of Records and other documents for the visiting students. When a student applies for mobility, ECTSC needs to inspect the application, i.e. to check that incoming/outgoing student has complied with all the necessary preconditions and to sign a proposal for the mobility approval and deliver it to the College director for the final decision.

The entire IRO staff closely cooperates with the management, College administrative services and staff at all times. The staff is available at all times through emails, Viber, Skype, etc.

Decisions regarding mobility are made in agreement between the ECTSC and the College director and they are based on the overall Internationalization Strategy and accompanying rules and regulations.

The team dealing with mobility jobs will be employees who already work with students who transferred from other colleges in our country to our College.

ECTS coordinator:
Katarina Tomić

IRO officer
Ana Milosavljević

Jelena Krstić

IRO in The Department of Chemical Technology Studies Krusevac

IRO Team Cuprija

Dragan Antic, MSc
Erasmus+ Coordinator
Phone: +381 63 104 17 09

Ljiljana Antic, PhD
Erasmus+ ECTS Coordinator
Phone: +381 63 11 41 645    

Andriana Toskic, Student
Team Member
Phone: +381 61 300 78 69

Zorana Jurinjak, MA
International Cooperation

Danilo Strugarevic, MA
Erasmus+ Coordinator for Social life
Phone: +381 60 01 01 002

Maja Djokic, Student
Team Member
Phone: +381 60  33 42 326

IRO in Aleksinac

Name: Zeljko Mladenovic

Name: Igor Petrovic