Course catalogue

Curriculum Bachelor Preschool Ed

Subject CodeSubject NameSemesterTypeLecturesPracticeECTS
24OVT111Serbian Language and Child Literature1C325
24OVT112Foreign Language 11C214
24OVT113General Pedagogy1C214
24OVT114General Psychology1C113
24OVT115Introduction to Special Pedagogy1C113
24OVT116Sociology of Childhooh1C114
24OVT117Elective Courses 11 113
24OVT118Elective Courses 21 124
24OVT121Philosophy of Education1E113
24OVT122Education and Tolerance1E113
24OVT123Sports and Recreational Activities1E124
24OVT124Developmental and Corrective Gymnastics1E124
24OVT211Culture of Speech with Rhetoric2C214
24OVT212Foreign Language 22C214
24OVT213Physical Development and Health Education2C224
24OVT214Child Development2C214
24OVT215Children’s rights2C113
24OVT216Professional Practice 12C  3
24OVT217Elective Courses 32 114
24OVT218Elective Courses 42 214
24OVT221Rhythmics and Dance2E114
24OVT222Playground  and mobile games Rhythmics and Dance2E114
24OVT223Advanced English2E124
24OVT311Family Pedagogy and Family and Kindergarten Partnership3C225
24OVT312Preschool Pedagogy3C225
24OVT313Vocal-instrumental Expression3C113
24OVT314Information-communication Technologies3C214
24OVT315Early Childhood Learning3C214
24OVT316Elective Courses 53 124
24OVT317Elective Courses 63 215
24OVT321Recreation and Activities in Nature3E124
24OVT322Research with Body and Movement3E124
24OVT323Mental Health3E215
24OVT324Supporting the Welfare of Children3E215
24OVT411Vocal-instrumental Expression Practicum4C214
24OVT412Development of Real Program4C235
24OVT413Performing Arts and Puppetry4C224
24OVT414Ethics and Education4C113
24OVT415Mulimedia Systems4C124
24OVT416Professional Practice 24C  3
24OVT417Elective Courses 74 113
24OVT418Elective Courses 84 214
24OVT421Children’s Atelier4E113
24OVT422Visual Arts4E113
24OVT423Psychology of Children’s Play4E214
24OVT424Child and Culture4E214
24OVT511Methodology of Music Education5C214
24OVT512Methodology of Fine Arts Education5C214
24OVT513Methodology of Physical Education5C214
24OVT514Professional Practice 35C  3
24OVT515Methodology of Language Development5C214
24OVT516Methodology of Initial Mathematical Concepts5C214
24OVT517Methodology of Environmental Education5C214
24OVT518Elective Courses 95 213
24OVT621Media Culture5E213
24OVT622Drama Workshop5E213
24OVT611Developing an Integrated Approach to Learning6C336
24OVT612Pedagogical Research6C213
24OVT613Inclusive education6C213
24OVT614Elective Courses 106 114
24OVT615Elective Courses 116 124
24OVT616Applied Research Activities6C  6
24OVT617Thesis6C  4
24OVT621Child, Music and Society6E114
24OVT622Musical Games6E114
24OVT623Giftedness and Creativity of Preschool Children6E114
24OVT624Reflexive Practicum6E124
 C – compulsory subject     
 E – elective subject     
 Elective subjects are grouped in 11 groups. Student selects one subject from each group.    
 Elective subjects are marked in red.     

Master Curriculum Preschool Ed

Subject CodeSubject NameSemesterTypeLectureExcerizeECTS
24MVT111Challenges and Problems in Preschool Education1C226
24MVT112Contemporary Research in Neuropsychology1C226
24MVT113Computational Thinking1C226
24MVT114English Language1C226
24MVT115Education for Diversity and Social Inclusion1C226
24MVT211Music and Preschool Child2C213
24MVT212Arts Education and New Media2C214
24MVT213Children’s Drama Activity2C224
24MVT214Physical and Perceptual-motor Activities2C214
24MVT215Research Methodology in Education2C214
24MVT216Professional Practice 12C  3
24MVT217Elective Subjects 1 (select one out of two)2 228
24MVT221Contemporary Sorytelling and Writing Techniques2E228
24MVT222Communication and Counseling2E228
24MVT311Preschool Child in Natural and Social Environment3C225
24MVT312Introducing Children to the World of the Written Words3C226
24MVT313Academic Writing3C224
24MVT314Elective Subjects 2 (select one out of two)3 227
24MVT315Elective Subjects 3 (select one out of two)3 227
24MVT321Sports Programs in Kindergarten3E227
24MVT322Children’s Art and Museums3E227
24MVT323Child Abuse and Neglect3E227
24MVT324Media Philosophy and Education3E227
24MVT411Professional Practice 24C  3
24MVT412Applied Research Activities4C  22
24MVT413Thesis4C  6